Finger of God


WP Films was founded by Darren Wilson in 2006 when he began work on what would become his first feature length film, Finger of God. The company currently concentrates on asking great questions and letting God answer them through reality filmmaking.

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Finger of God is now available
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Following up on Deb Sears first Fuel Radio interview with Darren Wilson, where he talks about his miraculous call to make films in the first place, Deb continues to ask Darren about how his film trilogy came together. Darren explains how “Finger of God” miraculously sold approximately 120,000 copies with little or no marketing.

Wanderlust Productions Founder Darren Wilson talks with Fuel Radio host Deb Sears and describes his journey into film making. Darren was basically running from God when he had a very interesting encounter that changed the direction of his entire life. The result has been several amazing films including: Finger of God, Furious Love and Father of Lights.

Excitement is building about the final film in Darren Wilson’s critically-acclaimed series. Father of Lights is a documentary that promises “historic encounters” as the team break through “religious misconceptions” about who God is.

When 32-year-old Darren Wilson began taking his camera to Pentecost-flavored conferences and worship services in 2006, he was driven less by blockbuster aspirations or hard-hitting…

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I sat down to watch the DVD Finger of God. I immediately noticed the quality cinematography and the filmmaker…

What would you say if someone told you their molars were turned into gold during a church service?