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“The Finger of God produced by Darren Wilson is a fascinating journey into the heart of God. This creative production is truly enlightening, edifying and heartwarming. Thank you, Darren, for believing all things are possible with God. You are amazing and so is your film.”
– Heidi Baker, PhD, Founding Director of Iris Ministries
“Only twice in our lifetime has there been a documentary movie so powerful that it’s destined to shake the nations. Darren Wilson’s Finger of God now takes its place alongside George Otis’ Transformations as the two premier Christian works of filmography. It is the most persuasive introduction to miracles ever seen, and its impact will be both emotional and life-changing. Plus, unlike most documentaries, it provides 100 minutes of sheer entertainment—for believers and skeptics alike.”
– Jim Rutz, Author, Megashift

  • Carolla5421

    The most amazing part for me was the homeless man at the end of the film.  His whole countenance was changed after he was healed and when he walked away he was not the shuffling, limping, defeated person he had been when he first approached the guys for money.  I couldn’t believe how different his face looked and how much energy and life was in him as he left!

  • Theresa Ludwick

    I was absolutely rivoted by the testimony of God’s power in this film. It has started chipping away bit by bit at the frozen paralysis which I called Christianity. Thank you, Thank you, thank you, and praise our Almighty Father and Lord Jesus for the inspiration in the works here. So true….the western church has forgotten its first Love; a Love which exists to move us to ACT, for Him!!! He calls us to live supernaturally in HIS grace, in HIS power -but what has happened is that over time perhaps we have mistakenly assumed we needed to bring the concept of this loving and mighty, and awesome God down to our level of “reality”. Let us flip this around and truly walk as He walks.

  • Ederergarrett

    Love never Fails!  Hey everyone, if you buy the extended edition of this movie this is a testimony from disc 5.  Well there was a guy talking about healing prayer, what he kept saying over and over again was the verse, “in your weakness God is your strength” and when he was telling people to pray for the sick he was saying a lot just relax and remember in your weakness God is your strength.  Just think this really helped me know I can feel totally weak… and God can totally be strong.  Yay for the blood of Jesus!

  • Sjs.springs

    Finger of God completely turned my walk with Jesus upside down. As someone who worked in church, but longed to see what Jesus meant when He said “you will do greater things that me”, this movie showed me what I was longing for was real and happenening in our current age. After watching this film in Jan. 2012, I began pursuing God harder than I ever had, and God sent me to a YWAM 2 week intensive, called Circut Riders, where I got to see the miracles, be a part of salvations, and see Jesus move in a way I never had before! I saw Jesus heal the sick, caste out demons, open the ears of the blinds, and make the lame walk. I cried out to God to send me to do His work…laying all things down to hear His plan and do it.
    I am now in a season of being prepared for missions in Africa. I plan to apply to the IRIS school of ministry with Heidi Baker and I am ecstatic to see what God does! He IS LOVE, His love is furious and it is the only hope that this dark world has! Thank you Darren Warren and all the people who made this film possible…you are changing live and igniting the heart of people who want to live lives in total surrender to His will!!!

  • Colazz_t1

    Wow! This film is such a faith-builder. At the very end of the movie Jason Westerfield was praying for the homeless man and Darren said, “I just knew this guy was going to be healed.” Later that night my friends and I walked out to the student union of our college campus, and he was trying to walk around on crutches! So we went and prayed for him and that very same thought entered my mind as I was praying for him. I was confident Jesus would heal him. He was instantly healed and walked out of the store carrying his crutches! 

  • Psmartindaly

    Awesome production of God working through His children around the world – thank you Darren. Showed it at church & had 10 or so people instantly healed & 2 people gave their lives to Christ

  • Chris Newton

    I first watched this film around 2 years ago (or more!), and I was so hungry to see that God still did miracles today which I could even see on camera! I remember watching this movie feeling like it was too good to be true – this is the movie I had been desperate for! After watching the movie I showed it to my friends and we went out on the street in our hometown for the first time to pray for people. We prayed for one homeless person, it may of been little by a worldly perspective but it was big in God’s eyes. Now 2 years later I have been on the streets a lot praying for the sick and seen people healed and blessed by God’s love. This film was a major catalyst which started this. Be blessed and be challenged to be bolder when you step out on the streets with God’s love. Each time you overcome the fear it gets easier…but remember it’s all about God’s love, you don’t have to reach the lost to be loved by God, he already loves you so most importantly remember that God is so so loving and loves you all the time. You are fully accepted already by God. He is pleased with his child :)

    Thank you Wanderlust Productions for inspiring me!

  • Denise Windmill

    I heard about Finger of God and Furious Love when Robbie Dawkins came to visit our church in the UK. It is truly amazing thank you Darren.  My favourite too was the homeless man at the end.  

  • Wilfred Faleiro

    Excellent Documentary.. will show it to our church here… Powerful move of God on the streets…
    It will stir up the faith of people to do great exploits for God!

  • bbng

    “Finger of God” totally opened my eyes and awakened me to realise that God is a God of wonder and the supernatural! More importantly, He does all of these out of LOVE for us. 
    Thank you for capturing His grace and love on film and bringing to light what He is doing, especially to those of us who have never witnessed signs and wonders from heaven.

    And guess what? I was immediately and completely healed from scoliosis in my lower back and neck by the end of the film. I could not believe it! I’m still stunned by it now actually. 
    Oh Jesus, You’re so so so beautiful <3

  • Juan Castanos-CCPV-Bronx, NY

    I watched this film on 6-17-13 with a group of 7 other guys from my church and after finishing watching this powerful film, somehow we stumbled upon a converesation in which we were all testifying how we came to Christ, and the holy spirit was literarly in the living room of where we were all sitting and conversing. I believe this film was so powerful that it grew and woke our hunger for the Holy Spirit to a greater level at that moment. I personally had chills throught my body and felt it through out my legs mostly. Also another one of our friends felt his heart pumping extremely fast and hard and that same night after watching the film and i went home, I had a powerful dream where the Holy Spirit came upon me and Had me speaking in tongues in the dream, and then when i woke up from the dream and realized i was dreaming, i found myself speaking in tongues in my bed in reality for a quick moment. This film has my so much more hungry for seeking the presence of God and the Holy Spirit. Very powerful film, congrats and I support your work. My favorite part of the film was when the film showed how radical and powerful Jason was who was praying for healing at the Yale university campus and when he prayed for the homeless guy at the end.

  • Wade Kate

    My family and I were finishing our 3.5 year term as missionaries in Guinea Bissau. I was coming back from GB by myself to check on how national leadership was doing with the discipleship school and was on the airplane next to a guy that was nearly as tall as I was (I’m 6’8). Turned out his name was Fritz, a professional tennis player from South Africa but now living/ training in Austin, TX. After talking some time, I could see God was really drawing him. I was talking about some of the miracles I had seen and how God was doing this all over. That’s when I told him of “Finger of God.” I had it with me, and my Mac, so instead of him watching some garbage movie on the plane, I asked him if he wanted to check out “Finger of God.” He did and was riveted the whole time. After it was over, he was just like, “Wow.” I was then able to share the Gospel and he prayed out to give his all to Jesus. I’ve maintained contact with Fritz (in fact had the honor of baptizing him in Charlotte, NC) and the brother is on fire for Jesus. He is so hungry! He has already seen great things, and I know there is a great calling on his life. He is actively sharing his faith and looking for opportunities to pray for the sick. For a guy that hasn’t been that long in the Lord, he is growing leaps and bounds. It’s awesome to watch.
    Praise God for the power of testimonies that God let you catch on video. May it continue to turn many more hearts to the Lord!

  • Stephanie Diaz

    I stumbled on to this movie one day while it was playing on tv. I was not saved, did not care to be saved and was just bored watching TV. After watching it, I broke down crying and immediately felt the Holy Spirit. I was Saved and have been for 3 months now and never want to go back. I thank the creators for making a wonderful movie and I praise God for having me stumble on this channel. Praise God:)

  • Evan McGovern

    I watched Finger of God in 2008 after hearing about it on Sid Roth’s show. This film really showed me that the power of God was real and normal for Christians and after watching this film I started stepping out in faith praying for sick people to be healed. This film really changed my life and gave me confidence in the power of a big God with a whole lot of love.

  • Sharonda Settles

    Thank you for this movie! Such a spiritual eye opener for me. To see people all over the world truly hungry for God’s word and truly believing in the supernatural healing power of God that is still relevant and available to us today, just WOW! I felt chills but also an overwhelming sense of warmth all at the same time when watching this film and talking about it to my co-workers. It was God’s will that I came across this movie at this time in my life when I have been desperate for something like this. Thank you Mr. Wilson for allowing God to be the author of the movie!

  • Jon

    Late Wednesday night before Thanksgiving 2014 I saw Finger of God on TBN while flipping around. I couldn’t stop watching as Darren took me on journeys luscious with God’s love, true purposes and power. Never had been a fan of Sid Roth’s style before, but at that part of the film after the credits had started rolling I was healed of inflammation in my back and neck which I have suffered from since 1991 – since that night I haven’t taken the anti-inflammatory I had been on for many years. And I’ve thoroughly learned how God will use what we in our “wiseness” think of as foolishness to confound us with his love, glory and power. God uses the willing, period. My life is not the same anymore . . .

    I now have multiple copies of probably everything Darren Wilson has ever produced, I have lent/given much of it away after consuming it myself. This stuff is a most excellent seminary of sorts, where God is actually real, burns for relationship with all of us, and takes us on the best kind of reality show journeys to prove it. If you have a hunger for your life to serve God’s purposes you must get these films. I can’t stress this enough: The Holy Spirit will validate in your heart that the relationship with God lived out in these films is genuine, these people have no guile in their hearts, just their preciously guarded relationship with The Most High God.

    What Darren has done with WanderLust is something completely new as far as I know. It’s hard to describe all the ways how, but the impact has already been considerable in the Body of Christ. I hope we can agree that the days of the western “Church as usual” could and should come to an end. Impact like this is on the front lines against all things “Christian blasé”.


WP Films was founded by Darren Wilson in 2006 when he began work on what would become his first feature length film, Finger of God. The company currently concentrates on asking great questions and letting God answer them through reality filmmaking.

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